Duties of the Invigilator

1. The Lecturer/invigilator is obliged to arrive to the examination place no less than 10 minutes earlier before beginning the examination.
2. After the students occupy their places, the lecturer/invigilator introduces his/her duties to them.
3. The lecturer/invigilator verifies student’s “permit”, opens the sealed envelope in front of them, gives out examination papers and asks students to fill the cover page. P.S. the point regarding the “permit” is stopped.
4. Maximal duration of the final, repeated, left teaching course examination is 2 hours, and the duration of the mid-term exam is no more than 2 academic hours (if the other time isn’t indicated on the ticket).
5. The lecturer/invigilator is obliged to observe the examination process on the intended territory, to control the examination process strictly, warn the student in case of breaking the examination rules, or dismiss from the examination in case of re-warning, or using things containing the examination subject-related information.
6. In case of dismissing student from the examination, the lecturer/invigilator will confiscate the examination ticket and papers. He/she makes the inscription – “dismissed from the examination” and fixes the fact in the register.
7. Leaving the intended territory without observation is forbidden for the lecturer/invigilator. In case of urgent situations he/she must call the representative of the Examination Centre.
8. The lecturer/invigilator is obliged to answer the procedural and technical questions asked by the student. Answering the examination content-related questions is forbidden.
9. In case of arising any problems during the examination process the lecturer/invigilator is obliged to appeal to the Examination Centre employee.
10. The lecturer/invigilator informs the student 15 minutes earlier before the examination time-up.

11. The lecturer/invigilator receives the examination paper, examination ticket and signs at the end of the work.
12. After getting all works the lecturer/invigilator fixes his/her signature, indicates the number of written or/and annulled or/and unused papers in the register.
13. The lecturer/invigilator gives the examination papers, register of receiving-passing examination work to the Examination Centre representative.
14. In case of breaking the abovementioned rules specific administrative measurements will be fulfilled against the lecturer/invigilator.


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