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Georgian  Language is University compulsory  course for foreign students  in the minor  programme of Kartvelology (Georgian Study).  It  contains 10 ECTS.  This course  has no prerequisite. The course intends for foreign students to enable them to orient and interact in Georgian society. Course aims helping the foreign students become proficient listen, speak, read and write skills in Georgian Language (on elementary level). Course content foresee everyday necessity of students for communication in Georgian society.

Various methods will be applied for the subject study including explanations on theorethical and grammer questions,  using interactive strategies of teaching in dialogs and when making practical exercises, independent work in the form of  making home assignments. Oral and visual material as well as group work will be used for the subject study. Merging of methods will take place while considering specific questions. Lectures and practical activities will be held with students, quizes, Midterm and final exams will be held.

In the course there will be examined such topics, as: The Georgian Alphabet; Written and pronunciation

of letters and sounds; Getting Acquainted; Personal contacts; Presentation; Age; Profession; Time Determiners;  Orientation in the Time; Seasons and Months; Days of Week; Exchange the information; Academic Environment; Classroom Objects; Orientation in the Space (Direction); The Animal’s World; Professions; Food; Orientation in the Space (Direction); Describing people; Traveling;  Traffic; Visiting Capital;    Interaction at the table; Congratulation; Birthday party and ets.





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