Dr. Shalva Tchkadua

            As it is known in the end of the XX th century in the east Europe exploded several ethnic conflicts, among them three conflicts started in south Caucasus and two of them in Georgia.

Therefore, the conflict regions of Georgia are the main topics of our course. what were the causes or reasons of these conflicts? How they started and developed? In the frame of the course, students will have an opportunity to learn and analyze the processes, which took part during the democratic development of Georgian State, after break-up of the Soviet Union.

The course is elective end it contains 5 ECTS.


1. The geography of ethnic violence:  identity, interests and the indivisibility.  (Princeton, N.J. Princeton University Press c 2003) under Toft, Monica Duffy 1965;

2. Challenges to peacebuilding:  managing spoilers during conflict resolution, under Newman Edward, 1960, Richmond, Oliver P. , (Tokyo: United Nations University Press, c 2006 );

3. Statehood and security: Georgia after the Rose revolution, under Coppieters, Bruno, Legvold, Robert. American Academy of arts and Sciences, Cambridge, MA: American Academy of arts and Sciences: MIT Press, c 2005.

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