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The Course “Culture and Religion in Georgia “ would be based on book “ The Georgians” (volume fifty one in series Ancient People ad Places) by David Marshall Lang, distinguished scholar , professor in field of Caucasian Studies. The works of modern scientists connected with the main problematic of course would be also used as the supplementary reading.

The course aims to introduce Georgian culture to foreigners, BA level students of different backgrounds without any precondition.

During the course we would discuss the main steps of cultural and religious development of Georgia from the earliest period to late middle centuries. Starting from examples of Trialeti culture ending by Shota Rustaveli’s poem “ The knight in the Panther’s Skin” the course would emphasize on the most important examples of Georgian culture which are on the other hand always connected with the development of religious thoughts.

The brief overview of cultural topics such as : Georgian architect, pottery and textile would be combined with introduction to most important religious and mythological ideas which dominated in history of Georgian Nation. The examples of which are official cults of pagan Georgia for example Armaz and Zaden and their connections with Zoroastrism, lunar deity “ Tetri Giorgi”, legends of golden fleece and Amiran (Georgian version of Prometheus) as well as convention of Georgia to Christianity.

In the process of discovering Georgian culture students would also learn about other neighboring cultures such as Armenians, Albanians of Caucasus and Nations of Transcaucasia and Middle East. Generally, the course “Culture and religion in Georgia” would intensify the interest of student not only to Georgian cultural heritage, but to whole ancient world.

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