Maia Purtskhvanidze


The aim of the course will be teaching students basics of organizational management, learning different theories of organizational development, organizational structuring and behavior management on work place. It will also give them understanding of value based management in both for profit and non-profit organizational systems. The course will consist of 5 Key Modules:

  1. Strategic and Administrative HR, Leadership Development
  2. Organizational Structure and Remuneration System
  3. International HR, Multinational Corporations and Job Migration
  4. Behavior Management: Stress Management and Conflict Mitigation
  5. Employee Forecast, Planning and Targeted Selection

Reference Material:

  1. Organizational Behavior Theory and Practice – Gerald A. Cole BA MA MIPD
  2.  Employee Morale, Driving Performance in Challenging Teams – David Bowles and Cary Cooper
  3. Good to Great – Jim Collins
  4. Leadership Teams Developing and Sustaining High Performance – Geoff Sheard, Andrew Kakabadze
  5. Mission-Based Management: Leading Your Not-for-Profit In the 21st Century (Wiley Nonprofit Law, Finance and Management Series-

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