TeSaU administrative staff visited Germany within the framework of the Erasmus+ CISI project

Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University representatives visited Marburg University in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Rector of the University, Shalva Tchkadua, and the institutional manager of the project Maka Kochauri attended the meetings held for the administrative staff of Georgian partner universities within the framework of the international project “Curriculum Innovation for Social Inclusion”  (CISI) co-funded by the European Commission.

Georgian guests visited the Center at the University of Marburg, which supports SEN and PWDS persons and provides them with appropriate conditions in order to get a high-quality education. Telavi State University representatives also visited special centers where blind and visually impaired people study. German partners shared their experience with Georgian colleagues and promised to help Georgian universities in improving inclusive education.

Within the framework of the project started in 2019, the aim of which is to promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities in schools by improving the quality of inclusive education, 3 new study courses and 2 training modules were introduced at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.


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    2023 June
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