Sharing the best practice at the local level in the frames of ERASMUS+ institutional development project “Role of Universities in the Regional Development” (RURD) – training with the local self-governance

On September 28th, 2021 Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University conducted meetings with the representatives of the local self-governance in the frames of European Commission funded project RURD.

The importance of cooperation between the university and local self-governances for the regional development was emphasized at the meeting.

The meeting also covered the best practice that had been introduced to the project members by the European partners through online trainings. Moreover, the needs Telavi Town Hall is facing now in the process of searching human resources were revealed once again. Requirements connected with qualification the local government obtains and the relevance of Telavi State University graduates’      skills with those requirements were discussed during the meeting and  different kinds of activities such as trainings, researches and joint events were planned.

The aim of the project RURD is to extend the role of Georgian regional higher educational institutions as a basis for regional development through cooperating with EC partners. Also, to increase cooperation between universities and local government authorities to increase their capacity and enhance specification of each region. Furthermore, to develop mission, vision and strategic development plans for regional universities and to make Georgian regional HEIs more relevant to the communities and regions they are located.


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2023 June
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