History of the University

Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University (TESAU) is one of the oldest educational centers in Georgia. The University is the worthy successor of the century-old educational traditions of Ikalto Academy (XII Century), Telavi Philosophical and Theological School (1758-1782), Theological Seminary (1782-1801), Theological School (1818-1918), Teachers’ Professional College (1924-1939), Teachers’ Professional Institute (1939-1951) and Pedagogical Institute (1951-1999).
The University is named after the great Georgian pedagogue and public figure Iakob Gogebashvili since 1940. On the 60th anniversary from its foundation, in 1999, the University was given the status of State University. It is an autonomous State Higher Educational Institution. Teaching language here is native Georgian.
There are renewed teaching programs at the University covering three-level: BA, MA and PhD. Getting professional education is also available there.

 There Functions:

  • 5 Faculties with corresponding Departments,
  • More than 30 laboratories,
  • Teaching workshop,
  • Internet network,
  • Sociological research group,
  • Computer Centre,
  • Foreign Languages and Professional Retraining Centre,
  • Centre of Caucasian Researches,
  • Room of Archeology,
  • Juridical Clinic,
  • Foreign Language Centre of International Black Sea University,
  • Centre of German Language and Culture (Biberach Room),
  • Centre of European Studies,
  • Journalistic Teaching Centre,
  • American Teaching Centre,
  • Francophone Centre,
  • Students’ Self-Government,
  • Sport and Cultural Clubs.

Financial and Technical Base:

There are four teaching campuses, open and closed playgrounds, Centre of Art and Culture, which are located on the green area covering seven hectares.
The University Library, equipped with modern standards, more than 200 000 book fund and different library centers serves students and scientists.
12 Full Professors, 51 Associate Professors and 27 Assistant Professors work and teach at TESAU.
More than 1400 students get education at Telavi State University for today.
Scientific Transactions of TESAU Professors and Teachers, PhDs, and Bachelors are published annually. Journal “Telavi University” is published twice a year since 2010.
TESAU has regular relations with Georgian Higher Educational Institutions.
International relations of the University are diverse; it has close connections with  European Universities: Telavi State University students and academic personnel are involved in different exchange programs. Several international projects, amongst “Erasmus Mundus” and “Tempus” are implemented there successfully.
Telavi State University has got all human and material resources to offer English-language courses and programs to foreigner students.
Local, Republic, International Conferences and Symposiums are held at the University periodically.
There also functions different centers for studying culture and literature of different countries, sport, comic and debate clubs, clubs for young scientists and intellectuals. Students’ Self-Government coordinates students’ life.


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