1. Academic Edition of XIX-XX cc. Georgian Writers’ Epistolary Legacy (IV-V volumes) 
(Principal Investigator – Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Ketevan Gigashvili)
Rustaveli Foundation Grant FR/361/1-20/11 (2012-2014)

The aim of the project is to publish IV and V volumes concluded in volume series of the academic edition of Georgian writers’ epistolary legacy. The whole edition will contain Georgian writers’ epistolary works of XIX-XX centuries. The Georgian society will receive the academic edition of epistolary legacy of Georgian writers, which will be enclosed by the complete scientific – informational apparatus: comments, contents, passports, notes as well as dictionary and linguistic investigation. The mentioned edition will give an opportunity to the scientist to find the necessary information without going to the archive of the writer.

2.The Chance of the Minority Languages in the Conditions of the Globalization and the Vital Mining of their Documentation (according to the Tsovatush Language)

 (Principal Investigator – Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Makvala Mikeladze)


Rustaveli Foundation Grant FR/397/2-120/12

Under the project the following activities are being prepared:

I. Monograph researches about Tsovatush language:
1. In the field of Caucasian Studies:
a) “Syntax of Tsovatush Language” (Makvala Mikeladze).
b) “Vocabulary and Phraseology of Tsovatush Language” (Arsen Bertlani, Makvala Mikeladze).
2. In general phonetics: “General Phonetic Issues of Nature of Vowels and Genesis on the basis of
Tsovatush Language Memory” (Arsen Bertlani).
3. In Sociolinguistics: “Peculiarities of Language Shift on the example of Tsovatush Language” (Ketevan
II. In the direction of language documentation:

1.Publication of Tsovatush texts with Georgian and English translations (II part, Ethnographic) and proper
2. Audio version of Tsovatush texts to be stored in online with captions, transcriptions and translations.

3. Tsovatush rhymes with Georgian literal translations.


3. Academic Edition of XIX-XX cc. Georgian Writers’ Epistolary Legacy (VI-VII volumes) 

(Principal Investigator – Doctor of Philology Mzia Gigashvili)


Rustaveli Foundation Grant FR/288/1-20/13 (2014-2017)

Under the project two volumes will be published dealing with the epistolary legacy of Grigol Orbeliani


4.“Vaudeville in Georgian Writing (I-II volumes, academic edition)”

   (Principal Investigator – Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Ketevan Gigashvili)


The aim of the presented project is academic (authentic, complete and equipped with the proper scientific apparatus) edition of the vaudevilles created by the Georgian writers or altered ones. Vaudeville is free from the classical frame of the play or the rhyme and shows more poetic freedom. We often meet in it the materials or the opinions which could not be (or could be less) included in serious genre. Accordingly, it gives us lots of interesting information about social, political, economical or cultural situation of Georgia of XIX-XX centuries. By using them we will get information about the taste, life style, style of clothes, the language or other interesting details of our ancestors. Studying the vaudevilles will make obvious lots of important facts about historical figure and event. They will reflect the epoch perceived by the writer and real portraits of the peculiar persons of that epoch. Due to the all above-mentioned, vaudeville is the subject of interest with various aspects.


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