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Training under “SuToMa”

Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University Associate Professor of the faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Law in the field of Tourism – Tamar Tamarashvili and the students of the mentioned faculty participated in the training held in a popular health resort Tsaghkadzor, Armenia on January 18-22. The training was carried out under the international project “SuToMa”. The subject of the training was – “Development of New Modules for Bachelor and Master Programmes in Sustainable Tourism Management” (Module I).
Students got substantial information from German trainers (project coordinator – Gila Altmann and Dr. Knut Scherhag) concerning the basics of the project, sustainable tourism management and European experience in that regard. The training also provided practical works and excursions.
The participants of the abovementioned arrangement were the students and professors from Georgian Higher Educational Institutions – “Tesau” and “IliaUni”, from different European Universities as well as. The training was successful for Telavi State University students, who were awarded with the proper certificates.