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History  of Georgia  is one of the basic course in the minor  programme of Kartvelology (Georgian Study).  It  contains 10 ECTS.  This course  has no prerequisite and  examines Georgian  history from the beginning of the ancient times  to the present day. The course is organized into a series of general topics arranged in a chronological order.  Since it is impossible to provide in-depth all issues  connected with Georgia,  the course covers such  political, economical,  social and cultural aspects of  the country,  as: the ancient  time in Georgia, the Early Feudal Age,  Formation of Georgian Feudal kingdoms and Principalities, the Period of Mongol Domination,  Georgia in the middle and late  Feudalism,   Georgia in the Nineteenth Century,  National-Liberation and Social-Political  Movements in Georgia,  the Democratic Republic of Georgia, Georgia in the Soviet Union,  the  Restoration of Georgia’s Statehood, Georgia at the Junction of the XX-XXI Centuries,  and ets.

As this course is mainly for the foreign   students who are interested in Georgia’s history,  we focus on the place of  Georgia  in the history of the World Civilization, the  relationship between Georgia and foreign countries. The attention is paid to such main topics as: Georgia in Old Oriental and Antiquity Age, Georgians relationship with Achaemenids, Iran,Byzantium and  Roman Empires, Arabs, Mongols, Ottoman Turks, Russia’ Colonial Policy in Georgia, the Question of Georgia in Russia and Europe, the Foreign Policy of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, Today’s Georgia, Achievements,  Foreign Challenges and ets.


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